Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Norway, and Packing

I would do two different posts for Norway and for packing, but I don't really feel like doing two different posts, so I will do one long one.

So First off, I am back in Colorado......yeah, I know, I wish I was still in Norway too :( It is sooooo nice there!!! I love other countries so much! But being back in Colorado is good? Yes, because now I can get everything done for my exchange! But I miss Norway! Even if the weather is so much nicer here....

For most people, it is always easier to pick out what you think is better and what you think is worse about other cultures. I am sad to say that I, too, have done this. For instance, in Norway it is very easy for me to say that the driving rules in the United States are far superior. But it is also easy for me to say that how Norway carries out construction, is also far superior to the Untied States' system of construction. But because I will soon be an exchange student, I was following a simple motto that I learned at orientation weekend. "There is no such thing as better, no such thing as worse, only different" As hard as it may be to follow, I am trying.

In Norway there are many things that I miss. I will make a list as short as I can:

  1. The ocean
  2. Swimming in the ocean
  3. Skolebolle (pastry) 
  4. Saft (a juice that is amazing)
  5. My family there
  6. My grandmother's cat
  7. The coach in my grandparents house 
  8. Green (as in all the plants that are there) 
  9. Norwegian Hot Dogs
  10. The language 
  11. Shrimp
  12. Biking Everywhere 
  13. Boating 
  14. Seeing Prices in Kroner (norwegian currency) 
  15. The Overall Feeling  
Yeah, going home was pretty much like the saddest thing ever for me. What made me not cling to my grandparents door on the day we were leaving and shout "You'll never take me!", is the fact that I will soon be having a great experience in Finland that has been taking up my every thought for 8 months. And what helped me leave is that the culture and landscape in Finland is similar to Norway in many ways. So, knowing that soon I will be back in scandinavia was a thought that helped me through the sad and long process of leaving the country I've always loved so much. 

Here are some pictures that I took:

Awesome Graffiti

Shrimp :) 

Fish that we caught....and my feet 

I gutted a fish, and it was gross 

Everything is in Norwegian! 

This is me :) 

Me, with a norwegian shopping cart

This was a two lane road...

Me, swimming :) (my favorite thing to do)

Stavanger Domkirke, which is a 1,000 year old church 

So, enough about Norway! Now we get onto the really exciting part! Packing and Preparation! Hurray! So as soon as I got to Colorado I went to Waterworld of course! But that wasn't really helping me prepare. I took a trip down to Boulder, Co for 4 days and I went to Denver and went shopping for host gifts! And I had luck! Yay! I also went to lots of clothing stores! Going on an exchange is SUCH a good reason to go shopping!!!! I have so many new clothes that I don't need to buy any clothes when I get there! Going to Norway helped me with learning what the style was in scandinavia, maybe that is cheating, but I don't care because I saved so much money! So I am almost done with all my shopping. I just bought two new suitcases for my exchange yesterday and they are huge! I won't have to worry about enough room! Though, I may have to worry about it being less that 50 pounds, or 70 pounds, I don't really know which one it is...

I have sooooo much to do before I leave! Lucky I still have 17 days left! 

Here are some pictures of Denver to leave you with :) Näkemiin! 

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  1. Hey Christina!
    I would just like to let you know that I like your blog a lot and I hope you can keep it up while you are in Finland because believe me it is hard!
    I will be one of your oldies! I cannot wait to meet you some day!
    Good luck with everything and don't be afraid to ask questions from your oldies! I can't believe you will all arrive so soon!