Saturday, May 12, 2012

Waiting for my Hair to Dry...

Since I just dyed my hair the other day, and then tonight decided to take a shower at 10:30 at night, I can't really go to sleep with wet hair without some dye getting on my sheets, so I am waiting for my hair to dry before I go to sleep, and being an environmentalist, I don't really use a hair dryer often, so I am staying up...and that means I have time to kill, instead of doing a whole list of other things that I have to do, I am going to blog! Since I just uploaded a bunch of pictures from my camera anyways.

Having recently lost my camera in the picnics of Vappu, then being depressed about it for a week and then being the happiest exchange student in the world when I found out that someone had turned it in, I now realize that I need to take a lot more pictures, though I think I would have started taking a bunch more pictures lately, even if I hadn't lost my camera for a week, because this is my last full month in Finland, so I need to take pictures of every place that I go, in case it is among the last times that I see said places and things. So here are some pictures from my life lately....

Finnish pride...

Exchange Students

We are spelling out "Finland" I am part of the "N"

Go Finland!

At School

My street...Summer is coming! It looks a lot more green than it did when I arrived!

My computer

My desk..a bit messy...but I finally cleaned it today! But the main thing is that I still have my gift bag from Fazer

In my room, my computer again, an important part of life!

My school, unfortunately ALL of my classes are on the top floor...

During art class

My boyfriend is Karl Fazer...

Trying to journal...but the internet distracts me..

And so does this chocolate....

You know where my priorities are...

Turku Symphony Orchestra building

Finnkino..the only movie theater in Turku

Good news! My hair is dry now! Which means I can go to sleep!

Stay tuned for next post! 

Seuraava posti tulee pian! 

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