Monday, May 28, 2012

Exchange in a Nutshell

I was making my presentation and was going through all the pictures from my exchange year. It has been making me very nostalgic, and depressed in a way, but they are all good memories, so here are some of the photos I have dug up from the entire year


  1. The title sounds like an extremely cramped spy novel.

  2. Heey!
    Its very exiting to read your blog! Well, I'm Finnish girl and I live in middle-finland, Jyväskylä, maybe you know that place! I'm dreaming about exchange student year in middle-Europe!
    It's very cool that you change Finland to your country, haha. :D

    What is the best thing in Finland? Is there something what you don't like or what you hate?

    Hope you like Finland, enjoy!

    ps. you are very beautiful! and i really like your hair (:

  3. Hey! I am glad you enjoyed my blog! I haven't posted anything about the end of my exchange, but I think maybe I will do something one day. I loved finland! I had sucha good time! If you want to do some exchange, I say do it! You will never regret it! I loved Fazer! As you can probably see from my blog! Haha, and I made a lot of friends that I miss a lot! The only thing I didn't like about finland was that I had to leave! :( haha

  4. Hello! I am from finland too, and I like you blog! I`m not good speak english. :) I live southeast finland. :D
    finnish: Toivottavasti sinulla oli oikein hauska vaihto-oppilasvuosi täällä. Blogisi oli kiinnostava näin suomalaisen näkökulmasta. kaikkea hyvää! :D

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