Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Koeviikko Update again :D

What is even harder than keeping up on your blog? Keeping up on other people's blogs! For a week I check my all the blogs that I am following, and none of them update! And then all of a sudden I forget to check for one day and I am swamped with so many blogs, I am glued to the computer screen for like an hour! Gah! But, I think that everybody seems to have a new blog post at the same time as everyone else. And I also start writing these blog posts at some of the worst times too. Like do I write in my blog for the several hours that I have nothing much to do after school when I am for moving host families, which I will be doing sometime in the next few hours. And I still barely have anything in my suitcase.....But once you start, you can't stop blogging or else this post will be prolonged until next month, and we don't want that to happen, do we?

So it is that time again! Test week! Usually, this would be followed by a groan, but of course, I am an exchange student which basically means that test week means no school while all of your finnish friends spend all their time in school or studying. It is actually a bit boring......So I get to sleep in until 12 and then spend the rest of the day watching TV. It is nice, though today is the first day of the test week and I was so antsy that I needed to get out of the house so I went to exchange student cafe Wednesdays, where all of the exchange students in Turku and surrounding areas meet in a cafe and discuss the meaning of life....actually our conversations are not that deep....just the average exchange student conversation....which can range a bit...

I am taking one test this test week....yeah, I know, it is a crazy amount of work! Haha, not really. I was planning on taking more at the beginning of this period (or term, whatever you want to call it), as you may recall from previous blog posts, with my big plans. Well those plans kinda fell apart when some classes turned out to be a bit boring and really hard to understand in another language....So now I am just going to take my geography test, which will be really easy because I have tons of notes which I have google translated (as inaccurate as that may be......) and the class itself is a mixture of what I have learned in my last two years of science class, so as long as I remember some of that (as hard as that will be) then I will be able to take this test and possibly get a good grade....

I also have my classes for next term! Which starts after test week, I am taking a lot of easy classes, which will be nice because I have found that when you have a lot of classes like History or really academic classes, they are very easy motivation to just stay in bed in the morning, whereas classes where I enjoy what is happening, such as Art, are really much more enjoyable, and are much more motivation to get up in the morning, especially when they are first thing, because usually I don't skip the classes that are in the middle of the day, only the ones in the morning when it is dark and I am tired.  And I also have three mornings a week which I get to have the first class period off! But this also means that I have longer afternoons and every single day I go until 2:30 in the afternoon. Which is a lot different because pretty much every day now I finish at 1:00, and it is stupid for me to feel like my days are long, because when I was in the US, I would go from 8 to 3 every day, so I have really gotten used to the easy life, which makes me worry about how hard it will be to go back to that life....

New Text books, they are backwards because they were taken with my webcam....

Anyways, I am taking French 1, Art 1 and Art 3, Biology 2, Music 1, and I am also taking a dancing class. This dancing class is for the Old's Dance at school, which is a big prom-like dance in February for all the second years in the school. It is different from American Proms because they dance in front of an audience and they also dance traditional old dances. But I am will have a lot more on that subject as the date approaches.

I am excited for this schedule because the classes are easy and hopefully I will be able to take the tests in all of them and get credit for all of them! Which will be nice to bring some credit home so I don't have to take all these classes over again, in the states.

Somewhere in Turku :) 

This last Saturday marked a very sad day. It was the day which one of my Oldies went home. Oldies are also exchange students, but all from the Southern Hemisphere and so they always come in January, and they leave in November/December/January. So one of my australian oldies left to go home. Which is so sad because I am going to miss her like crazy. And not only is she gone, but that means that my exchange is almost halfway done, not quite, but time is definitely going by so fast! It seems like yesterday that I was at home in Colorado and it was Summer! So soon I am going to have a mid-exchange crisis here! But one good thing comes from the Oldies leaving, and that is Newbies! In january there will be more Southern Hemisphere exchange students coming and that will be fun! My Rotary club here is hosting another exchange student in January, which will be soooo nice, because having another exchange student at the meetings will make everything so much less boring! But I don't want my Oldies to leave! I feel like I am torn between my old dog and my new puppy!

Anyways, that is probably enough long segments of text for now, I will have another post soon (I know this because I actually have something specific to write about for the next one)!

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