Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Vanhojen Tanssit Part 2

Hello Again! How soon we see each other again! It is a bit surprising, considering my lack of blogging for such a while and now you will get one right after I just posted! Hurray for blogging!

So this post is a continuation of posts in a series about the Vanhojen Tanssit. For more information on this event look back at my first post about it all that I did in November.

So tomorrow is the big day! It is really exciting! Everyone is talking about the dance! We only have one more rehearsal left until we perform for a crowd, and that rehearsal will be right before the dance starts. The dance classes continued through December and January and finally ended last week. In short: I suck at the dances...I missed several classes in december, so I missed when we learned several of the dances and then I showed up and felt really mentally retarded after I had missed classes. But I caught on really quickly. The dances are pretty easy once you practice them a couple of times. It was a bit difficult because the teacher only spoke finnish, but I understood enough and watched others dancing so that I learned the dances. Dancing got a lot more fun once you knew the dances.

After the classes ended, we have had two big rehearsals with all 100 of the kids dancing in one room. Those have been a lot of fun, and a little confusing. But all is now in order. The last couple days I have been dancing with several people who do not know the dances all that well, and it makes me feel like I am not so mentally incapacitated! But it is also bad because I suck at the dances and when my partner sucks, I forget parts of the dance and we both suck badly is unfortunate...But as I told my partner today "we just have to look like we know what we are doing..." maybe we actually have to be doing it right..but oh well, we will get more attention when people see us messing up all the time. Though not necessarily good attention...

I'm in this one! Look for the red hair

I finally met my partner today! I have not known who exactly it would be until now, for a while I thought I was going to get an Abi (senior) as my partner but then during last week's rehearsal we danced together and he was so tall, and I am so short that it didn't work out, and so I switched with another girl and now I have a boy from the finnish navy, which is what I wanted from the beginning! Yay! The boys from the navy are so handsome! They wear their uniforms, and are so good looking! Mostly all of them graduates from my school and are based here in Turku. They are awesome!

You can see the height difference of my first partner and I 

So I finally have everything ready! I have my dress, my shoes (both from my host sisters) I have a fresh manicure and pedicure (complete with the spelling of Vanha Tanssi written on my hands) I have my makeup ready for tomorrow afternoon, I have a hairstyle chosen and practiced, and I am charging my camera battery for tomorrow since I know it will be a day of many pictures.

Tomorrow is going to be an exciting day! Stay tuned, my next post will be up soon!

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