Tuesday, August 9, 2011

First Class to Finland!!!!!!

My travel was pretty exhausting and awesome! Here it is starting on Saturday morning:

So today I got up at regular time. I didn’t really sleep last night because I had too many butterflies. I got 2 hours max. So I finished packing my carry on, and I attempted to clean my room. My family spent an hour or two together in my house, which doens’t happen a lot because my brother is always leaving and my parents are always at work. It was nice, and before I left, I got some pretty nice pictures of me together with my brother and my mom. 
Here is me, with my mom before I left home
Me, with all of my bags. I have the most stuff of like all the people at the language camp 

 Then my mom drove me down to the airport. It is hard to believe that it was the last time that I was with her for a whole year. Luckily goodbyes at the airport weren’t that bad. I almost cried but both my mom and I were strong. But before we sid goodbye, we waited by the Lufthansa check in for about 45 minutes for my Finland buddy Monica. So when she finally arrived there we checked in and her mom was able to bump me up into business class, which was so great because I have never been in business class before. Or anything above economy. So we said our nearly tearful goodbyes. And we went across the bridge with Monica and her dad, since he works at DIA and he is able to go to the gates. We hung out by the gate for a while talking and stuff. Then Monica and her dad said their goodbyes and we boarded onto the plane. I was in business class and Monica wasn’t, so I didn’t see her for the entire flight. The first thing about business class, is that it is nice. Very nice. I didn’t sit next to anyone. And the chairs are very awesome! The service is great, and they kept trying to stuff me full of food. Even though the seats could go down all the way, I didn’t get any sleep because of all the butterflies inside of my stomach. So I watched Thor, Paul and Arthur (movies, if you din’t know that) It was very good, and I liked the whole experience of business class a lot. Also, the pillows are a lot more comfortable than the ones that they give you in economy! 

 Exchange students that I met in Frankfurt. They are Canadian!

So after we landed in Frankfurt, I took the shuttle back to the airport terminal because they parked so far away from the terminal. Then we went through passport control and security and made our way to the gate that was on our ticket, once we made it to the gate, we found like twenty kids with Rotary blazers waiting for the flight, and it was really great because I could just sit right down and we could talk like we were old friends, even with a slight language barrier. It was really great, even though we lost half of them because they changed the gate, and half of them thought that it was changed to the gate at the other side of the airport, when it was actually changed to the gate next to the original, so eventually everyone got on the plane, but those of us who stayed, our numbers were reduced greatly. It was also cool because there were some french students who din’t speak a lick of english, so naturally I wanted to test my year one french on them, but the only thing that I could remember was “Je ne parle pas beacoup de francais” So that didn’t really work out. 
In the Airplane to Helsinki, yes that girl is staring at the camera, she is an exchange student from California 

I really felt the jet lag on the plane ride, but thankfully I was sitting next to two others and we had a spiderman coloring book to help us stay awake. Eventually we got to Finland and I was so surprised how flat it looked from the air. But I loved it. We landed, got our bags and all piled onto a three hour bus ride to Karkku Language camp, which is near Tampere in central Finland. The bus ride was fun, I took a nap the first half, then I talked with some of the other kids until we got there. We got there at like 10:30 at night and got our bags and had some bread then went to bed.

Spiderman Coloring Book 

First Pictures of Finland

It is so flat! 

On the Bus to the language camp :) 

Sorry that I haven't updated until now, didn't really have the time, I am so behind in blogging and journaling. I will have a new post about first thoughts soon. 

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